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If you wish to help support this ministry, your prayers, work, and donations are deeply appreciated.
Because I am the only one involved at this time, donations will go toward running this site, my training, and living expenses.  Presently I work at a job, assist disabled family, volunteer a few hours a week in a few ministries, do street evangelism, seek those who share the same vision I do to work alongside me, and receive occasional support from friends. 
This website, putting together information/study materials for EBFL, and prayerfully seeking those who share my vision are my direct involvement in this ministry in its present "prenatal" stage.
EBFL is not a 501(c)(3), tax exempt  organization because I do not wish to deal with any present and possible future restrictions and potential compromise in obeying God.
I am in no way judging other Christ-centered ministries and churches.  It's just in many issues I may face, I do not want to go through any unnecessary hassles.  I choose simplicity.
This is a very young, not even developed ministry.  Latter on, I hope to have EBFL under accountability of organizations such as ECFA
Prayers are greatly appreciated, even if you are unable to give financially or volunteer.
Thank you very much for your time.