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What We Believe

1.  What the Bible says is true
2.  Literal, face-value interpretation of the Bible
3.  The Bible understood in context of the original readers and writers of the time
4.  All the 40+ writers of the Bible, from different walks in life, written in about 3,000 years, are all in agreement, inspired
     by the Holy Spirit
5.  Jesus Christ was born of the virgin Mary, who was with Child by the Holy Spirit
6.  God co-exists in 3 forms:
        God the Father
        God the Son
        God the Holy Spirit
7.  Salvation is through Gods' Grace.  Our deeds are expressions of our faith.
         Acknowledgment that we are all sinners (a person disobedient of God's Law, summarized in the 10 Commandments) and 
         because of breaking God's Law, we are destined for eternity in hell unless we repent of our sins, and put our faith in Jesus Christ,  
         and follow a life of sincere obedience out of thanks.
8.  Live a life of sincere obedience.  Baptism (immersion), communion, Bible study, Christian fellowship, evangelism, prayer,
     worship, church and ministry involvement in any way possible are essential for healthy spiritual growth.  God
     knows our situations and capabilities in these areas, and looks at our heart and desire to obey Him above
     anything else.
9.  The Great Commission is essential in the life of a Christian.