Equipping Believers For Life
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Purpose of Equipping Believers For Life
To Train and Equip Christians to live Christ-centered lives in all their daily thoughts, motives, and deeds.
1.  Discipleship- the way the Jesus did His disciples
2.  Training- to learn, understand, and apply the Bible in every part of our lives
    a.  Bible overview (Getting the general picture of what God says)
    b.  Book overview ( Learning more about God in having an general familiarity of each Book of the Bible)
    c.  Detail Study- using the Inductive Bible Study (IBS) method, which helps us to
        1)  Depend on the Holy Spirit 
        2)  Learn discipline and focus in study and daily lives
        3)  Learn and understand the Bible in depth
        4)  Know what the Bible teaches
        5)  Learn life's lesson(s) of the study
        6)  Apply what is learned
        7)  Share the Truth learned with others
        8)  Teach others God's Law
        9)  Reach the lost with the Gospel
        10)  Grow in the Lord
        11)  Anything else God wants us to learn or do
 3.   Training using the Bible (through the Holy Spirit) as our Guide
        1)  Spiritual growth
        2)  Accountability
        3)  Learning how to face life's struggles and issues
        4)  Receive training that is based on the Bible, which will help everyone where ever God leads us        
                (ministry, office job, family, government, etc).
4.  Pass on what we learn in any way we can
Take a look at the left column and the sub menus to  get a better idea of what my zeal and desire is about.  Not all the links are working yet, but you at least get an idea of what I am talking about..
So far, there is not school for this-- as far as I know, and I apparently am the only who has this zeal and desire.
If I am wrong, please prove me wrong.  I would appreciate being proved wrong!