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I have a deep desire to share the Gospel to the six and a half billion people in the world, so that all will know how to be saved.
I wish to one day teach the Bible full time
I wish to build up the Body of Christ
The above are some of the desires God has placed on my heart.
Two groups of people come to mind constantly, and so far, I believe these two groups God wants me to place a little more focus on.  I will, however, share the Gospel and teach the Bible in each and every situation possible, and encourage others in the faith in their walk in the Lord.
East Indians
I spent some time in India a few years ago, and since then, wish so much to reach local East Indians with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as fellowship and work with East Indian Christians.   I am slowly learning Hindi, so I can communicate better with those who don't know English.  I do meet some who only know Punjabi or Gujarati as their native language.  Many East Indians I meet know just enough English to get by, but have a challenge in regular conversation.
I am a firm believer in people from other countries need to learn the language they reside in, but at the same time, I wish to share the Gospel with them immediately!  10 out of 10 people die, and I wish to share the Gospel with everyone before they die, so they at least know the Way to Heaven.
 I wish to have a very sound Gospel tract in Hindi, worded Biblicly, like the Gospel tracts at One Million Tracts
Quit possibly the most unreached group of people in America (and perhaps the world) are the Deaf.  They have their own language, customs, and perspectives in life, like any people-group or nationality. My heart breaks when I think that most do not know the Gospel!  I am very slowly learning American Sign Language.
Goals for East Indians and Deaf
I am looking for Christians who are interested in reaching either people groups- or both.
I wish to encourage a start of Christian fellowship of Bible training (Inductive Bible Study) and evangelism (the Biblical way), so we can reach out to the surrounding communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Presently, a very good local ministry that is deeply involved in evangelism is Good Messengers Ministries.  Presently, there is no direct focus on reaching out to the local East Indians or Deaf, so much help is needed here.  I know everyone in the ministry wishes for all to be saved!  As far as I know presently, I am the only one who specifically has an extra heavy heart for these two precious groups of people.
Whether you are a native East Indian or Deaf person or not, I am looking for help in reaching out to these groups of people with the Gospel, and to instruct Christians in the Word.  If you are interested, please contact me.
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