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Here I will place links to Bible studies you can download.  Presently I will have them as single files, but later on I hope to zip each Book of the Bible together.
These files are Rich Text Format (.rtf).  Let me know if you need it in another file format.
These are FREE!  Copy them and pass them on-- oh, yeah, be sure to study them.
Please, please, inform me of any suggestions and corrections.
I don't have the reflections/review parts done yet on most of the lessons.

All I ask is that you:
1.  Pray for EBFL
2.  Share this ministry with others
3.  Consider donating any amount under "Support this Ministry" on the left column.
PS:  This study is base on KJV.  Keep this in mind with any Bible translation you use.  I encourage you to at least use a literal translation, not a paraphrase (such as the Message) so  you can study accurately.
More information on Bible translations later on.