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The following are at least some of the essentials of Christianity.
Essentials- things that every follower of Christ MUST believe and accept.
The Bible is true, without error
The Bible is taken face value, literal*
The Bible is the Word of God
The Word is God
Christ's Virgin Birth
Christ lived a sinless life
Christ's Bodily death, burial, and resurection
God is One Person Co-existing in three forms at one time:
------God the Father
------God the Son
------God the Holy Spirit
Jesus Christ will return one day, and bring those who are saved to spend eternity in Heaven, while those who are not saved will spend eternity seporated from Him in hell.
We are to support the Body of Christ
We are to share the Gospel with the Lost
(*There is some division among Christians if the first 11 chapters of Genesis is to be taken literally.  You can visit Answers In Genesis for further information on this.  I challenge Christians who do not believe in a six - 24 hour day creation, that God created first man from the dust of the earth, and the first woman came from the man, and that all people from all history are related to the first man and women (Adam and Eve). 
Here is my challenge: 
1.  If death and suffering existed before sin (God would of created a world full of death and suffering and called it "good" repeated several times in Genesis chapter 1, why did Jesus die on the Cross?
2.  If for some reason #1 can be explained and evolution is true,  then different races evolved from animals at different stages.  If that was so, then from what animal did the Jewish race evolve from?  Only the blood born Jews are able to be saved then (Jesus is Jewish).  That means those not of Jewish origin cannot be saved from their sin, and the Bible is full of contradictions.
I do not wish to sound rude, but I beg you:  my plea and urging for you is this:  Make your choice now, believe the the Bible face value or not at all.  There is no middle ground.  The "middle  ground" belongs to the devil.)