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Hey, if you are not a Christian, ask a professing Christian questions like these.  Please email me the questions you ask them and the answers they give you!
If someone is truly faithful to Christ, their faith will be evident.
They must provided supporting Bible references, and explain why.  Otherwise, you can dismiss their answers (I still want to know their response, though!)
So, here we go! 
Questions for Christians (Give your reasons for believe and supporting  Bible reference(s):
1.  Have you ever read the Bible?  If so:
    a.  How many times?
    b.  How long have you been reading the Bible?
    c.  Give me a summery of each part of the Old Testament and New Testament.
2.  Where is Jesus in the Old Testament?
3.  Do you accept the Bible as literal or figurative?  Why?
4.  Where did Cain get his wife?
5.  Where did all the races come from?
6.  According to the Genesis account of Creation, where the dinosaurs come from?
7.  If God is good, why is there death and suffering?
8.  Where did Devil come from?
9.  Who is God?
10.  Explain the Trinity and each Person in the Trinity.
11.  Will babies who die go to Heaven or Hell? 

12.  If someone never hears the Gospel, will they go to Heaven or Hell when they die?
13.  Why did Jeremiah walk around naked for two years?  (Detail, please!)
14.   Which prophet did God command to marry a prostitute and why?
15.  Name a man in the Bible who did the following in about a 9 month time frame:  commit adultery, murder, and lie?
16.  Briefly describe Jude chapter 2.
17.  Is God in the Old Testament the same as God in the New Testament?  How?
18.  Why did God command Israel to wipe out the Canaanites?
19.  What purpose is God's Law?
20.  What purpose is God's Grace?
21.  If you believe in evolution, how does the Bible support evolution?
22.  If you believe in a literal 6 day creation, how does the Bible support a literal 6 day creation?
23.  How many people have you shared the Gospel with in the last twelve months? 
I may come up with more later.  I you have any good ones, please let me know!!  You non Christians should test us professing Christians to see if we are true to the faith.  I totally understand if you wouldn't give us the time of day if we cannot back up our faith.