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I will add these Bible study lessons as I complete them.
These are FREE. No charge. Consider donating to EBFL, but don't feel obligated. If you print and pass on, all I request is the given ministry information remain intact.
Please send me any suggestions and corrections.
The descriptions may change as I work on this, but below is presently the basic study plan:
Level 1 (currently working on)
1. Questions in each chapter, focusing on familiarity of the passage presently reading, with some taste of cross references to the rest of the Bible.
2. There are some reflection application questions, but you are responsible to do this on your own, and will be given opportunities to express this.
3. People, places, things, ideas
4. You will have some lists to memorize.
5. Level 1 will give you an overall view of the Bible, to make it easier to refer to on your own, as well as provide foundation for the future lessons
Level 2
1. Cross referencing and simple word studies (a concordenance will be needed here)
2. Study major characters, themes, docrines, etc
3. Dates, chronology, events
Level 3
1. Study chapter (or passage, if not in live with chapter division)
2. Introduction to the Inductive Bible Study (IBS)
a. "Who, what, where, when, why, how"
*****This level will tie together levels 1 and 2, and give you a taste of an amazing method of Bible study (IBS)
Prayers are deeply appreciated, because I am presently the only on in this ministry, and as you can see on this website, I have a lot of work to do. In my personal life, I am primarily involved in evangelism training from time to time. I've met several people who said they wanted to do Bible study, but simply stopped. It is tough, but much needed.
Lessons for Level 1