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I plan on going into more detail with each ministry, but overall, we Christians do have differences in interpreitting some passages.  Some parts of Scripture are essential to the Body of Christ, and others are not essential. 
Christ's Virgin birth, for example, all followers of Jesus must agree on.  The sequence of end times events, on the other hand, are something we can "agree to disagree".
There are some topics that true Christians may disagree on, but will not have a strong support or defense for their faith.  Worse case scenerios may include not being able to stand up for the Bible, or even come to the conclusion that the Bible is not true, and Christianity is fake
Some interpritations, such as a literal 6-day creation and we all are descended from Adam,  verses millions of years and evolution, although many authentic followers Jesus disagree on, we have to keep in mind those who disagree with the Bible's face-value literal interpritation do not have a strong support over the reason Jesus died on the Cross.
For example, if millions of years of death, suffering, and evolution until one day Adam and Even evolved, then Christians who believe this must be ready to answer questions such as:
1.  If death and suffering existed before sin, what was the reason Jesus died on the Cross?
 (Romans   says, "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord." 
2.  Several times in Genesis chapters one and two, God says, what He made was good.  So, did God create everything with death and suffering, and called that good?  If this is the case, will Heaven have death and suffering too?
3.  If  the "races" were not all descendants of Adam and Eve, then each group of people from the believed original frist evolved humans will have to have their own Jesus (assuming #1 above can be answered).
That's just one example.
I just wanted to let you know that not all Christians agree on everything.  I encourage all followers of Jesus to test themselves in what they know and understand.  I have found error in my understanding of Scripture many times, and I do believe I am not alone in the world.   
Anyway, I'll tune this page up later.  I just had to put this tid bit on so you know where I'm coming from.  Any input or you have (whether you agree or disagree with me) is more than welcomed.